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Need an Interim CEO?

If you have experienced a sudden, unplanned departure of your Executive Director (ED), an interim ED can assess your challenges and manage operations to give you time to find the right permanent ED in the San Antonio areas.

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Manage Change Well

Speed success with board and executive succession planning, assessment of current organizational needs, mission impact and sustainability, as well as increasing collaboration and community partnerships.

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How can Tim help?

As an experienced non-profit executive, Tim is able to help organizations maintain continuity of their mission, programs, services and administrative operations during leadership transitions - in the San Antonio area and beyond.

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“Tim is a competent, caring, compassionate professional with complete integrity...he performed beyond our dreams in all areas (including program review, Board and community relations, financial management, personnel and fund raising) as interim executive director.”

Phil Sagebiel, Board Treasurer, Rise Recovery


"Tim's background and temperament allowed him to mesh quickly and seamlessly with our clinical and administrative staff.  When he arrived, we had a full plate of issues  to address such as employee morale, standards and procedures, vacancies that needed to be filled, board training to prepare us for hiring a new executive director, and preparing a budget for the next year. Using a methodical, well-organized approach, Tim succeeded in every area.  He designed and implemented new standards and procedures, started and led the organization along the path of finding and successfully on boarding a new permanent CEO."  

Buddy Gardner, Jewish Family Services Board Treasurer

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