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I am a CEO/ED planning to retire and need a succession plan!

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Ideally, every CEO and Board President would work together to create and maintain a current leadership succession plan. Increasing best practice is also to utilize succession planning for Board officer and committee leadership roles as well as for all levels of staff. Succession planning for all staff provides opportunity for potential career development as well as cross training to aid preparation for unexpected staff changes. These plans should address contingencies for unexpected departures and emergency leadership needs as well as a well thought out succession process for planned retirements. Unfortunately, this forward thinking approach is not yet prevailing practice for most busy nonprofit organizations. I would be pleased to consult with you and your organization to help identity succession plans that best fit your mission. An important point is that ultimately the Board (not the current CEO) is in charge of CEO selection, supervision and termination. Ideally, current Board and executive leadership will work closely together to develop a consensus process to provide optimal decision making during leadership transitions.

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